Submarines 3.4

Submarines is a navy-based arcade game by Terminal Studio
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Submarines is an arcade game developed by Terminal Studios. The game has a navy theme, where you are in control of a destroyer in a merciless sea combat. You are set up against different kinds of submarines, all with different moving and shooting patterns. There is no quarter and you must destroy them before they destroy you. All sounds pretty good like that; however, the game fails to deliver. You control a destroyer ship in the surface, you can move it left or right, and you can drop depth charges. Thats all the controls you have. On their part, the submarines are under sea, moving at different speeds and patterns and shooting mines at you, which you must avoid. Of course, you must calculate the movement of the subs with the time it takes for the charges to get there, because they are slow. The game is said to feature 3D graphics, but they don't look that good. It looks plain and everything looks just very blue, even the menu. It is repetitive and not very challenging, unless the challenge is to keep playing for a while. There are better arcade games out there, so Submarines should spend its time under the sea.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good Theme


  • Feels sluggish
  • Looks old
  • Repetitive
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